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HydroSatin™ and HydroShine™ Wood Sealer/Finish Kits

Once you’ve chosen your favorite wood for your project, the next step is deciding what kind of truck bed wood stain you’d like to use to seal and protect your investment.  Just like bare sheet metal, your BedWood® must be protected from the elements.  In the case of your truck’s wooden bed floor this is to prevent moisture from soaking into the wood and causing warping, discoloration, and rot.  Not a finish expert? No Problem, we are! – Bed Wood is the only manufacturer that offers pre-finishing on all our wooden bed floor products. 

Just like our strategy of sustainably sourced wood, we’re environmentally conscious when it comes to our wood finishes.  As the name implies, both our HydroSatin™ and HydroShine™ wood sealers and finishes are water-based and environmentally friendly, using a proprietary formulation of penetrating exterior wood sealer that incorporates biocides, fungicides, and UV protectant to ensure long-lasting protection and a beautiful finish for your BedWood®.  Both products are specially designed to seal and protect your BedWood® while accentuating the grain and your wood’s natural beauty.

HydroSatin™ - If you like a satin, non-reflective finish, HydroSatin™ is the right choice for you. 

HydroShine™ - For a gloss finish that provides a great sheen while showing off the beautiful woodgrain below, our HydroShine won’t disappoint.