Sponsorship Requests

IF approved - the following Agreement will be in full force, legally binding, is required to be accepted prior to moving forward for sponsorship consideration - Please review the agreement and be familiar with what your requirements will be as a BedWood and Parts Brand Ambassador.

· BedWood and Parts Support Agreement
· • A signed release allowing BedWood and Parts to use your name, vehicle, likeness and photos in advertising, cataloguing and promotional purposes;

• A minimum of two (2) photos of your vehicle, suitable for publication, at least one (1) of which must be a overhead bed shot, to be used in BedWood and Parts advertisements, catalogs, etc. These photos should have BedWood and Parts product and BedWood and Parts decals visible. If your photos are copyrighted, we will also need a release from the photographer to use them. You are required to provide these photos no later than 30 days after installation of discounted BedWood and Parts product;

 BedWood and Parts decals must be applied, at a minimum, to the rear glass of the vehicle on highly visible surfaces. These BedWood and Parts decals must be visible in the photos submitted to BedWood and Parts.

 BedWood and Parts discounted product that you purchase shall only be used on your vehicle and will be used on your vehicle as represented on the sponsorship application and will be used on your vehicle throughout the duration of the discount period;

• You agree to send MONTHLY updates on your show season, including an event schedule, follow ups after each event, photos, etc.

• Must represent BedWood and Parts in a professional manner and promote BedWood and Parts products whenever possible; and provide testimonials on BedWood and parts products when asked.
• It is understood that if I do not abide by above terms and conditions in totality, I will be responsible for the total amount of the product before discount at its current retail price, plus any costs incurred.
• It is further understood and agreed that BedWood and Parts will need to disclose value on all commercial documents for international shipments. As such, I am responsible for any taxes, customs fees, or other charges incurred as items cross the boarder if applicable.