HydroSatin™ Finish Kit


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BedWood® brings you not only the best BedWood but also the best and latest technologies in truck bed wood protection and finishes. HydroSatin™ is an all-in-one single stage waterborne system consisting of a micronized Wood Impregnator and an 30 Sheen Satin Clear Exterior Wood Finish designed to accentuate the grain structure of the wood while offering a contemporary look.  The impregnator conditions the wood’s fibers allowing the HydroSatin™ to penetrate beyond the surface, providing the benefits of a mildewcide, fungicide, biocide, and adhesion promoter.  Our proprietary wood finishes are specially formulated to increase the life and protection of your wooden bed floor against mildew, rot, insects, and degradation, from the inside out.