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Nothing beats a good Dodge Truck, and if you are looking for a way to replace or add a wood bed to your favorite Dodge truck, BedWood® has wooden bedliners perfect for you. Dodge began production of its first trucks in 1921, and until Ram separated from the company in 2009, they were consistently one of the top-selling trucks every year. Whether you have one of the classic Job-Rated models, an iconic Sweptline, Dakota, or other first-class design engineered by Dodge, we have the kits you need to restore or add a wooden bed liner to your favorite classic Dodge truck design. As classic truck enthusiasts ourselves, we know how great it feels to see the results of a well-done restoration project. BedWood® offers a way to bring a piece of automotive history back to life with a stylish wooden bed made from high-quality materials.

At BedWood®, our goal is to make finding the right wooden parts for your truck bed easy. Whether you are trying to add the finishing touches to your project truck or just trying to add some color and life back to Dad’s old Dodge, transforming your truck bed has never been easier. We offer a large selection of wood Dodge truck bed liners so you can find the perfect wood finish to match your classic design. You can choose from over 20 species of wood from all around the world, including everything from common wood types like ash and walnut to exotic species like leopard wood and zebra wood. 

Once you’ve found the Dodge truck BedWood® that speaks to you, the best way to add this classic look to your truck is to get a wood Dodge truck bed liner kit. The kit includes predrilled wood, hardware, seal, and finish – everything you’d need for installation. You can select from steel, aluminum, or polished stainless steel bed strips and hardware, and then you can choose your favorite wood and choose a satin or gloss finish. You also have the option to order hardware, mounting kits, and other components on their own so you can create your very own kit and achieve a unique look that’ll make your truck stand out.

If you’d like to give a modern truck a classic wooden look? Check out our new line of RetroLiner® universal wood truck bed kits that will fit on models new and old.

When it comes to replacing or adding a new wooden bed to your Dodge truck, there is no better option than BedWood®. Get started by entering your truck’s year, make, and model, below! Don’t see your Dodge model listed? Give BedWood® a call, and we’ll create the perfect option for you!

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