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Much like our BedWood®, we offer a variety of hardware options to complete the installation of your new wooden bed floor.

Traditional – Our Traditional bed strips are available in mild (paintable) steel and polished stainless steel to retain that factory restoration look and will arrive pre-punched with the mounting holes in the factory locations for your truck.    


Hidden Fastener – To keep that classic look but clean up your installation by getting rid of all those visible bolt heads, choose our Hidden Fastener bed strips.  Like our Traditional bed strips, these are CNC roll-formed to provide a factory appearance and are available in mild (paintable) steel as well as polished stainless steel, but these use a fastener that affixes to the bottom side of the strip eliminating the need for a carriage bolt.  These are our most popular, by far!   

 Hidden Fastener

SpeedBump™ & FlatTop™ - If something a little more showy or non-traditional is in order for your build, the SpeedBump™ or FlatTop™ are a good choice.  These anodized, extruded aluminum strips offer more contemporary styling as well as utilize hidden mounting hardware to eliminate visible bolt heads. 

SpeedBump™SpeedBump Bedstrip
FlatTop™Flat Top Bedstrip

At BedWood®, all of our products are proudly made in Kentucky, USA to fit the exact make and model of your truck bed and can be installed using the easy-to-follow instructions included with your kit.  If you’re ready to update your classic truck’s bed, contact us today.

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