I learned a great deal from my late father, helping him work on street rods, stock cars, and the occasional classic truck. He inspired me to do quality work and have a passion for all things automotive, especially pickup trucks. BedWood® builds quality products for pickup trucks that will last generations -- it’s a Kentucky tradition.

When I built my own project truck it was difficult to find the quality parts necessary to restore the wood bed. I realized that, like me, many other enthusiasts were also experiencing the same product issues. It was then that BedWood® was launched with the genuine quality standard and customer service for which the southern United States is known.

Today, BedWood® includes two branded product lines: BedWood® for your classic truck guys, and RetroLiner® real wood bed liner for those of you with a late model truck or any truck with a metal bed floor. Both are available from the broad choice of domestic and exotic woods we offer, each providing character and individuality to your special project.

Our wood kits are not just for trucks. Our team of skilled craftsmen also design and manufacture custom-fit wood for hot rods, panels, flatbeds, or almost any project you can imagine. Heck, we’ve even done the floor in a horse drawn wagon!

As a manufacturer of natural resource-based products, it is imperative that BedWood® exemplify resource leadership, thinking strategically about the natural resources from the moment the tree is cut all the way to reforestation. It involves the ability to see the complex interdependence of the natural resources system; to engage key stakeholders upstream, downstream, and across sectors; and to promote innovation with economic and ecological benefits within the resource system. Resource leadership represents a shift from short-term thinking to stewarding resources for the long term.

BedWood® is the industry leader in custom-fit and restoration wood kits for truck beds, and all our kits are manufactured in Kentucky, USA. Again, BedWood® has raised the bar.

This is Why BedWood®

Jeff Major, Founder/CEO

Our Value Guarantees

  • Teamwork
  • Pride and Joy in Our Work
  • A Commitment to Innovation and Progress
  • Absolute Honesty and Integrity in All Things