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Truck Bed Mounting Hardware

In classic truck restoration and customization, very little looks more out of place quite like re-used or rusty installation hardware.  Think back to the hot rodding days of freshly painted engine blocks, clean aluminum intake manifolds, chromed valve and timing chain covers & oil pans…and how that look was completely disrupted when the old hardware was reused.  Anyone that’s got a car show trophy on the shelf in their shop will attest – attention to detail is a must.  That’s why BedWood® offers a complete line of replacement truck bed bolt kits.  Our hardware kits are available in zinc coated for the factory restoration purist or polished stainless steel for those who wish to upgrade their bed floor installation with a little more shine.

Truck Bed-to-Frame Mounting Hardware

Our truck bed-to-frame mounting hardware kits include the bolts, nuts, and washers necessary to mount the truck’s bed securely to your pickup’s chassis.  Whether a Chevrolet or GM that uses an offset “cam” washer and carriage bolt, a Ford or Mercury that uses a dished washer and countersunk bolt head, or a Dodge that uses a large center-drilled flat washer, we’ve got the correct hardware for you.

Truck Bed Strip Mounting Hardware

Our truck bed strip fastener kits include all of the carriage bolts, washers, and nuts you need to replace the bolts that secure the bed strips to your truck’s cross sills and BedWood®.

Perimeter Truck Bed Bolt Hardware

The perimeter truck bed bolts are used to install and secure the angle strips in step side beds or the outer boards in fleet side beds.

Complete Truck Bed Mounting Hardware Kit

Want to ensure that your finished BedWood® installation is show-ready?  Just order one of our complete truck bed bolt kits in Zinc or Stainless to get all the hardware you need – all Bed-to-Frame, Bed Strip, and Perimeter bolts are all included in this single part number solution.